Man Who Posed As A Doctor To Target Women Convicted Of Sex Crime And Fraud


Man Who Posed As A Doctor To Target Women Convicted Of Sex Crime And Fraud

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A predatory fantasist who claimed to be a doctor to target single women through a dating website has been convicted of blackmail , voyeurism, sexual assault, theft and fraud.

Four-times married Farhan Mirza, 38, secretly filmed himself having sex with Muslim women he had met online and then blackmailed them into giving him money by threatening to put the footage on the internet.

Mirza tried to impress his victims by claiming to be a doctor and hung surgical scrubs in his wardrobe and carried a stethoscope in his car when in fact he was a taxi driver living with his mother in a terrace house in Abertillery, South Wales.

Cardiff Crown Court heard the “sexual predator” targeted three Muslim women and threatened to bring shame upon them and their families unless they gave him money and gifts.

Mirza promised to make one woman “famous” by sending naked pictures of her to work colleagues.

The father-of-one met two victims on, which describes itself as the world’s biggest match-making website.

Jurors watched several video clips, including one woman having sex with the defendant and another getting dressed after taking a shower.

The panel of nine women and three men convicted Mirza of the nine charges against him following less than three hours of deliberations.

Timothy Evans, prosecuting, previously told the court: “It is the prosecution’s case that Mr Mirza is a particular kind of sexual predator and he chooses his victims carefully.

“Because of their religious and ethnic backgrounds he targeted them because of the terror, embarrassment and humiliation that each of these ladies would have felt in their minds by what this defendant did to them.”

The first victim – highly educated with a highly-skilled career – went to the police in 2014 and investigations led to the other two complainants.

She said Mirza told her he was an IT manager; his brother was head of security at Heathrow Airport; his sister was a doctor and his father a director of a utility company in Pakistan.

“Everything was a lie,” she said.

The woman described her shock at discovering numerous home movies of Mirza having sex with various women.

“He didn’t have one or two – there were hundreds of them. I was there too. I had no idea that he was filming when we were together, or had hidden cameras. Never, ever would I have consented to that.”

Another woman told jurors that Mirza – the man she thought she was going to marry and spend the rest of her life with – was a successful hospital surgeon with a house in London who had promised to buy her a £25,000 diamond ring.

“He told me he was a surgeon, so I thought he was a surgeon. He told me he was single, never married and was a virgin,” she said.

“He has got two sides to his personality. He can be rude, strips off and is sex driven, and the other side of him is polite and angelic.”

Mirza, of Arael View, Abertillery, denied four charges of blackmail, three of voyeurism, two of sexual assault, one of theft and one of fraud by false representation over a three year period.

He told the court the first victim had initiated filming and saved the movies on her phone.

Mirza insisted the movie shown to the jury of him having sex with her was someone different.

He also claimed he was “scared” of her saying insisting she had links to the Taliban – despite growing up on a liberal Muslim family – and that he threatened to send “embarrassing” photos of her “just to shut her up”.

The defendant denied telling the second victim he was a doctor or offering to give her an intimate medical examination. He also denied sexually assaulting her twice.

Jurors also heard him say the third woman had consented to being filmed by him.

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